Functions for plotting OT matrices


Note that by default the module is not import in ot. In order to use it you need to explicitely import ot.plot


ot.plot.plot1D_mat(a, b, M, title='')[source]

Plot matrix \(\mathbf{M}\) with the source and target 1D distribution

Creates a subplot with the source distribution \(\mathbf{a}\) on the left and target distribution \(\mathbf{b}\) on the top. The matrix \(\mathbf{M}\) is shown in between.

  • a (ndarray, shape (na,)) – Source distribution

  • b (ndarray, shape (nb,)) – Target distribution

  • M (ndarray, shape (na, nb)) – Matrix to plot

Examples using ot.plot.plot1D_mat

ot.plot.plot2D_samples_mat(xs, xt, G, thr=1e-08, **kwargs)[source]

Plot matrix \(\mathbf{G}\) in 2D with lines using alpha values

Plot lines between source and target 2D samples with a color proportional to the value of the matrix \(\mathbf{G}\) between samples.

  • xs (ndarray, shape (ns,2)) – Source samples positions

  • b (ndarray, shape (nt,2)) – Target samples positions

  • G (ndarray, shape (na,nb)) – OT matrix

  • thr (float, optional) – threshold above which the line is drawn

  • **kwargs (dict) – parameters given to the plot functions (default color is black if nothing given)

Examples using ot.plot.plot2D_samples_mat